We Add Value and Knowledge to the Immigration Experience


Business success today often means starting over

Business success today often means StartingOver. In new countries, new markets and new communities. We work with clients to plan and execute that process.

Business Immigration

Business immigrants StartingOver in Canada bring value to this countryBusiness immigrants Starting Over in Canada bring value to this country. But they face great challenges before and after the immigration process is complete. This is where we help. Before deciding on buying or creating a business, an immigrant needs to know what kind of business immigration is most likely to get government approval. Our experience and understanding of government policies can provide valuable guidance before that choice is made.

After arrival, Starting a business in a new land means building connections with new customers in a new community. It means connecting to the right education options for their children. Without those connections, success is difficult for both investors and their families. We work with Business Immigrants to help them build those important connections. This helps their business. Their family. And their new community.

Student Immigration

International students and their parents want to make sure the right choice is made in studies that can lead to careers.  


Today, career choices are very complex because of changes in technology, trade and trends. There are more than 2000 different study programs in Canadian colleges and universities. The wrong choice can result in wasted time and money. It can limit career opportunity. We know the job market. As part of guiding students through the immigration process, we help them choose study options that match their lifetime goals. We respond to inquiries from parents.Think of us as your mentors as you Start Over in Canada.

Worker Immigration

Foreign Direct Investment in Canada has a key role in our country’s futureThe immigrant planning to work in Canada wants more advice from an immigration consultant than guidance on how to complete government immigration forms.


That’s where we add extra value. We guide the immigrant in preparing the most attractive career profile. We advise immigrants on the career paths and areas of the country that offer the best match for their skills and expectations. Most importantly, we are always available to offer advice on changing careers.

Employer Services

The value proposition we offer employers seeking international workers has 3 qualities.


  • We monitor carefully to detect any policy or public issues that might negatively impact on the employer.


We monitor carefully to detect any policy or public issues that might negatively impact on the employer.


We will provide the employer with expert advice on how to describe their company in terms that will make it more attractive to recruits and more likely to receive government approval for recruitment campaigns.